Adjustable Beds

Distinct Features Of An Adjustable Bed


adjustable bed

adjustable bed

Your body is not flat. The back and knees are slightly curved and sleeping on a flat mattress will not offer ample support. This may sometimes be a problem for you to get a restful sleep. This is the idea behind the invention of the adjustable air bed.

Beds that can be adjusted to suit various positions of inclination offer maximum support for your body. Sleeping in your natural position is possible and will give you a deep slumber that provides a good amount of health benefits.

There are two types of beds that are adjustable – the manual and the electric type. The manual type requires for you to manually change the position using various levers while the electric type can be controlled by a remote.

Electric Beds

An electric adjustable bed is extremely relaxing and provides utmost comfort. With just a push of a button, you can change the position of the bed to your desired inclination either on the head part or the feet area. Most types even have the capability of memory settings to store frequently used positions. Other benefits of these beds include easy assembly or disassembly to store them when not in use.

Other Features:

  • Heat Treatment

Some types of electric beds offer massage and heat treatment. This is done through soothing vibrations within the mattress. This feature is extremely useful for patients experiencing extreme pain. With the massage combined with the heat applied, patients feel more relaxed and their pain greatly lessened.

  • Special Mattress

An adjustable bed uses a special mattress to conform to the shape of the support underneath your body. They can either be made of foam or air which greatly lessens pressure on the body.

  • Wheels

These beds are usually provided with wheels to allow movement easily. This feature allows you to move the bed to the living room in the morning for some TV viewing and back to the bedroom at night for a good night’s sleep.


The personal preference of the patient or the one using the adjustable bed should be the ultimate deciding factor to consider when buying. No single type of mattress or bed works for all patient. Also, up until now, there is no written medical evidence that claims that this type of bed is the preferred option for certain conditions. Choosing the bed that will allow a patient to sleep and rest more comfortably without them experiencing stiffness or additional pain is still the best option to go.


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