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Hospital Beds—Types and Benefits

When you hear the word “hospital bed”, you immediately think of the standard several inches thick bed with an adjustable height and posture. What you may not know, however, is that there are actually quite a few types of medical beds, each one specifically designed for separate purposes. This article will help enlighten you in some of them.

The Basic Types

Here is a list of the basic types of hospital beds and their functions:

  • Electric bed—the basic modern hospital bed, most closely related to the adjustable bed, wherein the bed can be raised or lowered through buttons set on the rails.
  • Gatch bed—the bed with the longest history of hospital use, it is often seen in areas of low economy or limited electricity resources. It is a manual bed, with several cranks significantly positioned to adjust the height and position of the bed.
  • Stretchers—one of the most well-known types of hospital bed. They were designed primarily for their mobility.
  • Clinitron bed—a specialized bed designed for patients who suffer from burns, pressure ulcers and skin disorders. It was made to reduce the amount of pressure on the patient’s skin, with a material similar to sand for even support and a warm circulation of air to maintain temperature.
  • Low air loss bed—a bed with a system to blow air into special sacs in the mattress. It was made for patients suffering from burns or grafts, helping to keep them cool and dry.
  • Circo-electric bed—a specialized version of a low air loss bed, with the ability to rotate the bed inside circular bars. These beds are used for patients with severe skin conditions, spinal injuries or in traction.
  • Low bed—a bed designed for patients who have a tendency to fall off the beds and injure themselves, regardless of existing rails. They are placed from 8 inches to 2 feet above the ground, that being the highest possible setting.

Benefiting From the Beds

Hospital beds are used in many situations and for many reasons. Nevertheless, the main purposes in using them is for their comfort, ease of care, and better well-being for the patients and caretakers alike. They are found not only in hospitals, but also in other healthcare settings, such as clinics or nursing homes.

Following is a summary of all the benefits to be gotten out of a hospital bed.

  • Comfort for the patient
  • The bed can be specialized to the patient’s particular need
  • Presence of side rails to prevent the patient from falling
  • Easy adjustability of height and position
  • Hospital beds constantly have washable mattresses
  • Easy to move
  • Durability of the hospital beds
  • Easier work for the nurses who take care of the patients

medical bed


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